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THE ARCADIAN WILD  is a four-piece indie folk/pop group from Nashville, TN.  Led by songwriters Isaac Horn, Lincoln Mick, and Bailey Warren on fiddle, The Arcadian Wild confidently inhabits and explores an intersection of genre, blending the traditional with the contemporary. Combining elements of progressive bluegrass, chamber folk, and formal vocal music, The Arcadian Wild offers up songs of invitation; calls to come and see, to find refuge and rest, to journey and wonder, to laugh and cry, to share joy and community, and sing along.

The Band’s 2023 album Welcome marks the start of a captivating new chapter for the genre-bending quartet, who returned to the studio with renewed purpose and insight after devoting the last few years to a series of critically acclaimed singles and EPs. Like much of the Band’s catalog, the album blurs the lines between chamber folk and progressive bluegrass, drawing on everything from country and classical to pop and choral music with lush harmonies and dazzling fretwork, however, this time around there’s a rawness to the writing, an embrace of candor and simplicity that cuts straight to the heart like never before. The result is perhaps the most arresting collection yet from a band known for its ability to stop listeners dead in their tracks, an exquisitely beautiful celebration of community, connection, and the power of belonging that feels tailor-made for these challenging times

"In their instrumentation ... as well as in their vocals and songwriting, The Arcadian Wild evoke early Nickel Creek, unafraid of emotion or of experimentation..."    ––  NO DEPRESSION (Journal of Roots Music)

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